This page is dedicated to those brave men and women of color who bravely fought for democracy aboard, when democracy wasn't available for them at home...fighting for a country that Never fought for them.

  • Imagine not being allowed to fight along side American white soldiers, even though you were considered some of the best fighters.

  • Imagine black nurses not allowed to treat American white soldiers, so instead, they were told to treat German soldiers...the enemy.

  • Imagine sitting in the back of the transit train while German POW's sat in the front, and got better treatment.

  • Imagine winning numerous battles and receiving many awards for bravery, however, treated less than human when returning home..Jim Crow was waiting.

With all they endured, these true patriots still remained proud soldiers who fought for their country..even when their county didn't fight for them.

Note: On the 21st of each month, we're asking people to wear their Soldiers Of Color Military Lapel Pin as a tribute to the contributions of those brave men and women of color who proudly fought for a country that didn't fight for them.   #BlackAmericanHeroesAreReal #NeverQuestionBlackPatriotism


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