World's Largest Appreciation for Military Service...
Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes

Salute To Duty is a consulting company that specializes in Patriotism Marketing. The company's primary mission is to develop unique and innovative marketing campaigns designed to...

  1. Showcase Veteran Owned Businesses.

  2. Promote "Veteran Friendly" Businesses that offer deals, discounts, donations, employment, and entrepreneur opportunities to Veterans.

  3. Encourage people to patronize Veteran Owned and "Veteran Friendly" businesses.

  4. Support those Organizations that offer help and assistance to Veterans.


The Original Lapel Pin represents the very first design which launched the lapel pin concept as the national symbol of Military Appreciation (Veterans, Active Duty, and Fallen).

The Fallen Lapel Pin is in honor of the brave men and women of the military who lost their lives defending our freedoms. Also, we have expanded the honor to First Respondents (Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS).

The 22 Challenge Lapel Pin brings the unfortunate awareness that an average of 22 veterans are “killed by suicide” every day. To bring attention to this disturbing fact…people are ask to 1 of 3, 2 of 3, or 3 of 3 push-ups, sit –ups, and jumping jacks on the 22nd of each month. Let The Challenge Begin!

The Golf Lapel Pin design represents the number of charitable golf tournaments hosted each year around the country to raise money for various charities...a lot of men and women of the military are avid golfers.

Our mission…to create the World’s Largest Appreciation for Military Service.


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